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KetoDiet – Helpful In The Treatment Of Various Diseases

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One of the misconceptions that people follow is that getting on a diet is one of the effective ways to lose weight. But it is not true as an improper diet can cause more harm than good. It is better to consult the professional dieticians for an effective diet plan so that you can get the best results. One such diet plan that has proved to be beneficial for weight loss, as well as several health issues, is the keto diet plan.

It is used not only for getting slim and provides you healthy body but it also helps in curing few diseases like epilepsy, diabetes part II, obesity and so on. Ketogenic diet enhances your immunity and provides energy to fight against other diseases. The ketogenic diet also increases your mental strength and helps to cure problems like depression as well.

Diet treatment to cure epilepsy

Treatment with a diet is a good approach to cure a person of epilepsy. Diet helps you to improve the body condition. Keto diet doesn’t cure a person completely of epilepsy but it helps the body by providing energy to save itself from the disease. There are so many kinds of keto diet plans used for a patient. Few of them mentioned below:-

  • Ketogenic therapy:-Ketogenic therapy is a kind of diet in which a dietitian suggests to eat high-fat food like butter, cream, chicken, fruits and MCT oil. You can give MCT oil in food and with milk also.
  • Low Glycaemic treatment: – Low glycaemic treatment is also a form of the Ketogenic diet. In this type of diet, dietitian diagnoses how much carbs has been taken by the patient and how carbs are influencing glucose in the blood.

These diets are suggested for small babies also if they need it. You can monitor your child’s ketones by the blood test or by urine analysis stick.

Diet treatment for recovering diabetes part II

After studies on this diet plan, doctors found that low carb with a high-fat diet can also be beneficial for patients suffering from diabetes type II. Ketogenic diet improves the blood sugar level and reduces the use of insulin in the body. Carbs are the main reason for increased sugar in the body. So, when you start the intake of fewer carbs, the body naturally starts to control the sugar level.

Carbs are not suggested for diabetic people. Carbohydrate is dangerous for people suffering from diabetes type II. Keto diet decreases the glucose level of the body. Monitoring glucose level and ketones level are mandatory if you are diabetic. Keto diet reduces the symptoms of diabetes and medication also.

Keto diet helping people in depression

Nowadays, there are many people who are working for long hours and living a restless life because of the imbalance in the personal and social life. This restlessness changes into depression. Depression is the state of mind in which people live mostly sad and upset. The poor dietary intake in daily routine also causes sad behavior or mood swings and depression.

Keto diet removes junk foods from your daily food and suggests you to eat balanced food which provides you fit body and a healthy mind.

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